THE TOP FIVE helpful things to know

I. Wanderlust is stronger than gravity. My eye twitches after two years so I'm currently housing hunting in Santa Rosa, Ca.

II. Carbs are my spirit animal but my culinary skills max out at baked potato.

I don't TRUST people who don't cuss

IV. When a conversation reminds me of a movie, I will quote it incorrectly.

V. I believe every business should support a cause. Thirst Relief International is mine. A water filter is donated in honor of every wedding. Check them out. They're cool.

The military moved us an average of every 18 months. New schools, new state, new country - it was an amazing childhood! But I think that constant change made our Mum feel the need to surround us with family memorabilia. Within a few days of moving into a new home, literally everything would be nailed to the wall, floor to ceiling. We were constantly surrounded by the art of our own history.

Those walls were comforting but I didn't appreciate them until prom night when my spiffy date and I bore a striking resemblance to my grandparents wedding portrait. After that, I started paying more attention. Those photographs taught me a lot about my weird family. For instance, my Grandfathers childhood friend was a goat. A priceless fact that will never cease to amuse me.

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