hats of all wearer

I am Amy, chief picture taker, editor, dubious web designer and volunteer animal hugger at ALP. When I'm not being distracted by impromptu Spotify dance parties, I'm usually talking, even when alone and often misquoting movies. Work is always fun because I'm never far from snacks and never close to snakes.

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I'm not from anywhere. As an Air Force brat, moving every 18 months was an adventure. But all that change made our mum feel the need to surround us with family memorabilia. Within a week of moving, everything would be nailed to the walls.

Those walls were mostly unappreciated until prom night when I saw how much we resembled my grandparent's wedding photo. After that, I learned a lot about my weird family from those pictures, like the fact Grandpa's childhood pal was a goat.


So this is me, doing my photogy thing. At weddings. At bridal portraits. Testing light. Eating cupcakes with clients. Drinking wine with clients. Going on holiday with clients. Editing with a nephew on my head and a cat on my lap. Attending conferences, teaching workshops, dancing badly. Crying at father-daughter dances, playing in the snow and laying in bird poop because we all know shit happens. But my fav is the picture of me looking adorable in my pink hooded snowsuit holding my first camera - a sprinkler head. 



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