Graylyn Winston~Salem Wedding

Megan & Turner

Elegant Outdoor Graylyn Estate Wedding

Winston~Salem, North Carolina


Graylyn Estates

Well, it’s official, Graylyn Estates is the perfect place for a wedding. It’s also, by far, the fanciest place I’ve ever documented one. When we arrived, I briefly thought I was back in England. And later, when I learned Graylyn provides guests with complimentary ice cream 24 hours a day, I seriously reconsidered my move to California.

Turner and Megan

Having met Turner and Megan during their engagement session in Apalachicola, I already knew this was going to be a special weekend. Their adorable story stretches back to middle school when Turner rode his bike past Megan. She liked what she saw, so she orchestrated a group outing to the movies that night. Despite the fact, Turner lived in NC and Megan lived in AL, by the time they turned 16 they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

Eight years and a lifetime of wisdom later, she still laughs at his jokes and he still continues to make her heart flutter with just a look. And last weekend, they finally became husband and wife. In a touching tribute to their history, Megan gave Turner a scrapbook tracing their entire relationship growing up together – including the ticket stub to Hancock, that very first movie. They fell in love as kids but have continued to fall in love with the adults they have become.

It’s so rare to meet your soul mate at such a young age. It’s rarer still to be a better person because of it. Both Megan and Turner are far more beautiful on the inside than they are on the outside. They were both raised by loving families who helped them nurture this long-distance relationship through middle school and high school. By college, it was obvious these two were meant to grow old together. Someday they will be sitting on a porch swing, holding hands, telling their grandkids about the day they met and the lifetime of adventures they experienced together ever since.


Front of Graylyn Estate main houseLarge wildflower arrangement in urn in front of Graylyn main doors

Letterpress wedding invitations with custom design wedding logo and wedding rings

Graylyn Estate circular staircaseWedding dress hanging from Graylyn circular staircase balconyWedding veil on back of chair and wedding rings on Queen and King chess set in Graylyn Estates libraryFlat lay of bridal accoutrement including shoes, belt, hair comb, earrings, garter and ringsBilliards table set for playing in Graylyn game roomGroom and groomsmen playing billiards on wedding dayGroomsmen getting ready for weddingBride getting hair and make up done for weddingBride and mother of bride putting on earringsBride, maid of honor and mother getting bride ready for weddingFathers first look at bride as he walks around corner on the 3rd floor of GraylynFather hugging bride after seeing her in wedding dressBlack and white portrait of maid of honor helping bride with shoesBlack and white portrait of bride in a patch of sunlight at the end of the tree lined path at GraylynGroom smiling under the tree lined path as bride walks up behind himBride waiting for groom to turn around for their first look on the wedding day at GraylynGraylyn Estate pond and stone bridge

Property details of cherub fountain, duck and wall fountain around Graylyn estate

Bride and groom greeting guests at Graylyn wedding receptionBride and groom greeting guests at Graylyn wedding receptionBride and groom greeting guests at Graylyn wedding receptionGetaway car in front of Graylyn Estates at end of reception

Extraordinary Planning & Design by Patti Davis Weddings
Venue & Catering Graylyn
Hair & Makeup Updo’s Studio
Men’s Clothier Dan Motsinger
Cakes Regi Originals
Florals Bo-Ty Florist
Pew Rentals Carolina Rustic Rentals
Linens Party Tables
Ceremony Music Wiley Porter, Alexandra Johnston, Monika & Ken Wilmot
Steel Drums Tracy Thornton
Kickass Band A-Town A-List
Videography Crown Alley Films
Second Photographer Daniel Pullen
Getaway Zimmer Fantasy Limousine

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