Presidio Engagement Session

Steve & Greg

Stylish Presidio Engagement

San Francisco, California


Steve and Greg

I ran into the city the other day to meet Steve and Greg for their Presidio engagement session. Upon entering their apartment, my first words were, are either of you offended by cussing? Followed closely by, holy fuck, this place is gorgeous! Their Laguna Heights home is a beautifully curated collection of travel mementos, intellectual books, and colorful art. Steve and Greg are every bit of stylish as I want to be.  This makes me even more excited for their wedding next year at Vintners Inn.

When we finally set off to explore the Presidio, we started at the Palace of Fine Arts. As we made our way full circle, the sun disappeared behind thick smoke from the Camp Fire. At the Presidio, we wandered a forest of gorgeous evergreens with a killer view. Not that we could see it through the smoke, but we knew it was there somewhere. This is also where my ninja skills really came in handy. Being short sucks, so I scurried up a fallen tree and immediately fell off.  Should have been embarrassed but I’m used to it by now. By the time we made it to Baker Beach, it was well past dusk. The sky was flat and the haze was almost tactile. But we didn’t care. It was a fun day – bruises and all!


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