San Francisco Engagement

Skylar & Aubrey

City Exploration Engagement Session

San Francisco, California


Skylar and Aubrey

Skylar and Aubrey’s San Francisco engagement session explored all the places they love most about this city. They’ve carved out a great life here that expands well beyond their tiny, yet well laid out apartment, and demanding careers. Making time for one another and their favorite places is a priority in their relationship. Which is something I got to see first hand when we met a few years ago at Meegan and Michael’s wedding in Carmel Valley. Despite being hobbled with a boot while recovering from a foot injury, Aubrey still led Skylar gracefully around the dance floor. So those dance lessons they love really came in handy.

San Francisco

A stellar view of the city is always a great way to begin so we started exploring at the top of Potrero Hill. Next was the Palace of Fine Arts. Not only is it a nod to the day they became engaged, but it’s pretty as heck. After wandering down to Crissy Field, we wrapped up the afternoon with a sunset at Lands Ends. Skylar and Aubrey spend lots of weekends hiking Lands Ends, their favorite forested oasis in the middle of San Francisco. I’m pleased to note the birds in California are just as accommodating those feathered Floridians. Perhaps they will join us at the wedding next year when they exchange vows under the redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I hear there will be cake and lots of dancing.

Palace of Fine ArtsFlock of bird under the Golden Gate Bridge at sunsetAubrey leads his fiancé Skylar across a hill overlooking Golden Gate Bridge at sunset


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