San Mateo Engagement Session

Alana & Scott

Downtown San Mateo Engagement Session

San Mateo, California


Alana and Scott

A few years ago Alana and Scott met while working together in downtown San Mateo. They started out as coworkers but eventually friendly conversations evolved into more. Even though fraternization was frowned upon, they developed a relationship within walking distance of their desks. The sweet, sweet appeal of forbidden love drew them together. So what began as casual lunch breaks in the park soon became after work drinks in dark corners. And now a few years later, Alana and Scott are planning their wedding.

Memory Lane

Alana and Scott returned to San Mateo last weekend for a saunter down memory lane. Their engagement session was a personal tribute to how they fell in love over hotdogs and Ms. Pac-Man. And it started with O’Neill’s Irish Pub. The proximity of O’Neill’s made it the perfect location to grab a drink after work. The second stop on the old haunts trail was Fletch’s, a low-key hotdog eatery and sports memorabilia haven. The owner closed just prior to our arrival but insisted on sending Alana and Scott off with complimentary hotdogs and tater tots. When I was ten, my dad told me what was in hotdogs and I haven’t had one since. But if I did, I’d have a Fletchdog.

Central Park

As we made our way to the Japanese garden in Central Park, we stopped in at the Grape and Grain. It was here that Scott used his exemplary skills at Ms. Pac-Man to woo Alana into falling in love with him. I mean, who can resist a man that can eat all those cookie crumbs while simultaneously avoiding ghosts? Not Alana. We finally made it to the park just minutes after the Japanese garden closed its gates. We briefly debating trespassing but decided a life of crime wasn’t for us. So there we were, locked out and in the cold. But we didn’t care because the afternoon was truly an unexpected delight. Much like Alana and Scott’s relationship. These two lovebirds are super fun to be around and I can’t wait for their Saratoga Springs weddings this May!


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