Cape San Blas Wedding

Andy & Paul

Intimate Beach Wedding on the Forgotten Coast

Cape San Blas, Florida


Andy and Paul

On a hot October day, Paul and Andy exchanged poignant vows during their intimate beach wedding in Cape San Blas, a pristine waterside village along the forgotten coast of Florida. It was attended by a handful of close family, friends, and three super adorable flower girls. Anyone who’s ever been to an LGBTQ wedding knows it’s special on a whole different level. And this wedding was no exception. Having met when they were both older and wiser, Andy and Paul instantly recognized each other as kindred spirits. They fell into a relationship filled with respect, understanding, affection and deep love. Elements that their families embraced with joy. So much so, that when the option to drive onto the beach was no longer available, Andy’s parents, who struggled to walk, insisted on making the long trek to the dunes so they could witness the ceremony.

Cape San Blas Wedding

Andy and Paul waited for years knowing that they might not ever be allowed to marry.  But as soon as the law changed, they began to plan their wedding. Just four days after they exchanged vows, Hurricane Michael made landfall just a short distance away from Cape San Blas and forever changed the landscape of the Florida Panhandle. The parallels between Hurricane Michael and the current political climate is not lost on anyone. Life can change in an instant. In a toast during the reception, Paul acknowledged that perhaps one day soon, their marriage will no longer be legal. It’s crazy to think that is a possibility, but it is a reality they live with. But regardless of what may or may not happen with the law, one thing is for certain. Andy and Paul are husband and husband. A piece of paper doesn’t change that. They are bound by love, and their choice to face each day dedicated to one another.


Planning by Amy Price
Florals & Rentals by Bayside Weddings and Events
Reception at Owl Cafe
Catering by Owl Cafe

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