Posed photographs look rather uncomfortable, which is the opposite of what I am striving for. Truly intimate portraits come from authentic connections and my business is built on developing great relationships with my couples. That is why I don't accept a wedding until we know I'm a good fit for both of you. That's the connection you see in my work.

Knowing what is important to you and how you express affection for one another is just as important as the camera. As a wedding photographer, my job is more than capturing the day as it unfolds. It's also to create an unforgettable experience by fostering the enviroment where you both are excited to be in front of the lens. Sometimes that involves adult beverages or cupcakes. Or both.



If you believe picking a wedding photographer is an important decision, then we're already on the same page. Inquiries will always start with a phone call to answer your immediate questions and before making a decision we'll all meet to see if we're a good fit. Sometimes it's in person, sometimes it's yoga pants on the couch over skype. Either way, we'll keep it real and we'll keep it chill.


Together we'll create a relaxed timeline to solve problems before they become problems. By the wedding day, your biggest concern should be pulp or no pulp in your mimosa so you both can finally enjoy the fruits of your labor. Laugh, cry or party like rockstars - just enjoy it to it's fullest.


A box of tissues and comfy seat on the couch is needed to view your wedding together for the first time. We'll have a quick skype date to get you set up and then you'll both have a date night in to pour over every fabulous moment from start to finish. A bottle of wine is recommended but not required.

No one hires a photographer because they want to show off their usb drive. They want to frame a memory. They want to make their friends jealous. Which is why all my couples receive fine art wall enlargements or a bespoke album with every wedding collection. Digital photography is innovative but it’s not finished until it is printed. You’re creating a new family history and it deserves to be preserved. Then one day, you too can experience the joy of being mocked by your grandchildren.