Stylish Beltane Ranch Elopement

Shay-Ann & Allan

Stylish Elopement at Beltane Ranch

Glen Ellen, California


Shay-Ann and Allan came together from opposite sides of the Canadian border to elope in Sonoma County’s Beltane Ranch on a perfect sunkissed autumn afternoon. Apart from the fact they were to be wed, it was a special time to be together while Shay-Ann’s visa is still being processed. And since we all know how efficient our governments are, that’s got to be a fun wait.

Upon arrival, I found Allan snapping polaroids with a super sweet vintage SX-70 Land camera covered in light brown leather (she said with total jealousy). That should have been my first clue about the meticulously selected details for their elopement. From Allen’s leather suspenders to Shay-Ann’s floral halo, careful thoughtfulness was put into every decision. As beautiful as those details were, they all paled in comparison to the pile of love letters. Since neither family could be in attendance, they sent their love in written form, to be read after Shay-Ann and Allan exchanged vows. Full of advice, stories, and well wishes, those letters were far more treasured than anything else.

As we wandered the grounds near sunset, we spent a few minutes with someone who loves flowers as much as I do. Paisley the horned bovine with a labrador complex, came running over for head scratches. Or so we thought. What she was really after was Shay-Ann’s bouquet. Lots of flowers are edible but I’ve never thought of them as cow-crack. With a lighter bouquet in tow, Shay-Ann and Allen wrapped up their evening with a dinner in the garden specially prepared by Chef Greg. And they were treated to a gorgeous sunset – what will surely be the first of thousands in their new life together.


Wedding Team

Venue Beltane Ranch
Cake The Girl & the Fig
Florals by Jenny
Officiant Helen

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