Hall Winery Proposal

Taylor & Megan

Hall Winery Napa Valley Proposal

St Helena, California


Hall Wines

Taylor and Megan planned a fun weekend getaway to Napa Valley to celebrate the end of university. They deserved a break and were finally going to take it. Taylor, of course, had ulterior motives for the trip. Hall Winery in St Helen was the prime location Taylor chose to ask Megan the big question. With the help of friends, his romantic proposal in the vineyard was upgraded to a private barn with a breathtaking view. I doubt the view had anything to do with Megan saying yes, but it certainly didn’t hurt. And once Taylor got down on one knee, Megan only had eyes for him. Neither of them even noticed I left my hiding place and walked into the middle of the barn covered in giant camera’s. So I guess love really is blind. Congratulation Tayor and Megan – it was a perfect proposal and I’m thrilled to have been there!


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