Hess Collection Napa Proposal

David & Danielle

Romantic Napa Proposal at Hess Winery

Napa, California


Hess Collection

On a romantic weekend getaway, David planned for a proper Napa proposal during a vineyard tour of the Hess Collection winery. Just as we arrived at our third stop, David led Danielle down towards the vines with a breathtaking view of the valley, and a ring in his pocket. Despite its picture-perfect location, this wasn’t his first choice. He had already planned a big surprise party with both their families and friends back in Texas. However, the proverbial cat got out of the bag, so David reached out to Cesar at Hess to help come up with plan B. Since the new plan involved a guided ATV excursion through Mont La Salle vineyard and artisan cheese pairings back at the newly reopened Cellar One, it was a damn fine second choice.


David & Danielle

Danielle loves a good mystery and had her suspicions regarding a weekend away in Napa. She also suspected I was a photographer but since my only visible equipment was an iPhone, Nancy Drew had just about convinced herself this wasn’t where David was going to propose. However, plan B was in full effect. After David’s heartfelt proposal was tearfully accepted, the four of us found ourselves smiling so hard, our faces hurt. We ended our tour back at Cellar One, where yet another surprise was waiting. David arranged for his family to fly in from Texas and Danielle’s family to fly in from Oklahoma. The overwhelming joy was tangible as the doors opened to reveal the people they love the most. It was truly an unforgettable experience to be able to document David’s proposal. He labored over every decision, wanting it to be as memorable as possible. And his hard work paid off because it was as perfect as any plan B could be.



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