I heard someone once say selecting a wedding photographer is a lot like speed dating. But for me, it takes more than an open calendar date to see if we are the right fit. We should chat. Preferably over a cupcake. I want to know about the two of you. What type of photography are you drawn to? What do you both want for your wedding?

No one should worry about the clock on their wedding day. The day should unfold naturally. I can help you plan by creating a relaxed timeline to solve problems before they become problems. No fake stuff. No stressing. Just enjoy your wedding for the big wonderful experience that it is. 




Photographers love to use terms like authentic, photojournalistic, documentary, fancy AF but what matters is how my photographs make you feel. Do you feel like you were there? Do you feel like the third person in the conversation? Does it evoke emotion? Will it stand the test of time? Cool. Then let's go with that.  


Everyone gets a shiny disk. Just kidding. You will, however, receive a two-year online gallery loaded with all your prettiness. Download high-resolution digitals with one button and print them anywhere you want. Pro tip; never print photos anywhere you can buy toilet paper. Photographers are full of good advice.


Traveling to far off lands is top of my list. But I keep pretty busy on Target runs so I can snack on cheesy flavored carbs while catching up on the entire Marvel Universe. For the record, Deadpool is one of the greatest movies ever made. So is Mama Mia.   


For purely selfish reasons, I'd like a cloak of invisibility. Sometimes it's a challenge to get candid photographs of guests. I'm looking at you, finger-guns guy. My real life superpower is being able to function on no sleep for three days.  


Travel is already included for Bay Area weddings, elopements & engagement sessions. Travel is also included for weddings along the Emerald Coast in north Florida where my family lives. You can thank my mom for that one.


You don't need to know exactly what you want yet. You probably just started planning. Most couples secure their date first and pick their collection later. A $2000 retainer, cupcake, and signed contract make us official. The cupcake is negotiable.




Wow. We never dreamed we could have such a magnificent experience with a wedding photographer. Amy exceeded all of our expectations with her commitment, passion, love for weddings, organization, responsiveness, and expertise in capturing EVERY SINGLE MOMENT. Seriously, she's a photography ninja and her style captured not only the beauty of the day but the love we felt for each other and the amazing energy throughout our wedding experience. And, most of all, she became an integral part of our wedding weekend, connecting with our family/friends and really getting to know everyone (including us!). Her attention to detail and streamlined process, in addition to our timely access to all of our photos, was outstanding.

We continue to receive feedback from our guests at how amazing she was both during the weekend and how much they treasure the photos she took of them throughout the weekend. We seriously wish everyone is so lucky to have the opportunity to know, work with and appreciate Amy. We cannot strongly recommend her enough.  


Amy was so awesome to work with! She photographed our wedding at Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club on 7.29.17 but her awesomeness started way before that! I discovered Amy at a friends wedding a few years back. My now husband and I were blown away by the photos she took and knew we wanted her to be our wedding photographer. From the moment we booked Amy, she became part of the wedding planning process. She always checked in. She was always readily available to chat about any concerns or questions we had. Our wedding was in NY and she lived in Florida but she made us feel like she was always with us. Our wedding weekend was a dream and a big part of it was thanks to Amy. She was there to capture our rehearsal dinner and entire wedding day from start to finish.

By the end of the weekend, she truly felt like family - my mom had pretty much adopted her! There are no words to describe how happy we felt when Amy delivered all our (thousands) of wedding weekend photos. She truly captured every moment beautifully. With family traveling from overseas, she made sure to take photos of everyone. Amy even was up on the roof at one point just to get the perfect shot!! That's the kind of photographer she is. We are still picking photos for our album which Amy will put together for us. The process is taking us a very long time because there are soooo many breathtaking photos!!!! We trust Amy completely as she is a very special person with a true passion and talent for photography. We love you, Amy! If you're looking for a wedding photographer - she's your girl ❤️


As we were planning our wedding, we had no idea how important it was to have a wedding photographer that made you feel comfortable and that you enjoyed spending time with, but Amy Little knew how important the fit with the photographer was and she did a wonderful job cultivating our relationship over Skype meetings and driving out of her way to meet us in person when she could. By the way of our wedding, it felt like we were meeting with a long time friend who could put us at ease so our weddings photos came out natural and not staged and we felt like we could show our love to each other and Amy captured our love.

We didn't realize how much of our wedding day we would spend with the photographer and we could not imagine spending it with anyone else other than Amy Little. Amy perfectly captured so many special moments and emotion during our wedding day that I do not think any other photographer could have captured - and we had so much fun as well! We are so happy we worked with Amy Little and highly recommend her (and already have!)! Thank you, Amy!


Amy is an absolute professional who is creative, thoughtful, and knows how to make her clients feel comfortable. I actually found Amy as a photographer for my friends wedding (before I got engaged), and when I got engaged, I knew we had to have Amy photograph our wedding. Her photos are of fantastic quality (as is the album) and she is very cognizant of how people react to being photographed, which was very helpful with my husband's camera-shyness and my grandmother's begrudging participation in photos. I am convinced that she could handle any situation thrown at her.

It was such a smooth process working with Amy start from day one: she has a client portal for payments and contracts, she responds to emails very promptly, she checks in with you on skype, the list goes on. Essentially, she has the wedding process down to a science and we are so grateful for her expertise. We have recommended her to our friends that are getting married and would continue doing so without any hesitation.


Please read the following review very carefully: If you do not book Amy Little, not only will you be missing out on an extraordinary photographer, but a great friend. We booked Amy more than a year before our wedding, and over the course of those 365 days, Amy became a friend and confidante, listening to our wedding rants and Skyping us with wine in hand to check on our wedding progress. When she arrived to shoot out wedding, I felt like I had already known her for years and years. Her personality is infectious. When someone really and I mean REALLY loves what they do, they radiate. She radiates. I was so comfortable and at ease having her by my side on the big day. She even put my veil in correctly when I was all flustered right before the ceremony.

My family and friends kept asking about her, they adored Amy and continuously commented about her amazing work ethic. She came to shoot our wedding as a friend, but she left as a family member. Like it or not Amy, you have been dubbed an honorary Zagahou. My dear Wedding Wire friends, please, please, please do yourself a favor and book Amy for your wedding day. You will not regret it, I promise you.


In regards to our wedding, besides marrying each other, Amy Little was the best decision we made. I'm overwhelmed with how incredibly awesome Amy is, that I don't know where to begin... Let's start with her work, as I know when I was looking for the perfect photographer that's what I was consumed with "who will take PERFECT photos of my wedding?" Amy will. I spent endless hours researching wedding photographers near and far. For my husband and I, the photography was one of the most important aspects of our wedding and was treated as such. A few things that stood out about Amy from before we hired her - she is incredibly easy to talk to. Not only does she return emails and phone calls very quickly (and continues to even AFTER the wedding is over).

She is also, literally, easy to talk to and be around. I am convinced there isn't a soul in the earth in this earth who she doesn't get along with. Amy was the only photographer we interviewed who allowed us to see entire collections/albums of ger engagement and wedding work. Amy as a human - She is just, badass. And cool. And funny. And everyone loves her. After spending time with her for engagement photos, wedding photos and various Skype dates, I feel lucky enough to call Amy Little a treasured friend. Amy also knows how to command a group of people and take charge while still allowing everything going around you to be natural. There were many times throughout our wedding where she acted as a wedding planner helping keep us on schedule and wrangling in wiley groomsmen. Obviously, I can't say enough great things about her. Our pictures are Pinterest-worthy (yes, she is that good). After our wedding, our pictures were even picked and showcased in a local magazine. I am eternally grateful I have such wonderful photos my husband I can look at to remember our best day ever.

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