St. George Island Plantation Clubhouse Wedding

Alecia & Adam

Chill Midweek Island Wedding

St. George Island, Florida


Plantation Clubhouse

Beach weddings are relaxed by nature but this Plantation Clubhouse wedding on St George Island undoubtedly wins gold in the Chill AF category. Adam and Alecia intended on planning a simple yet quintessential beach wedding but with two houses, two kids, a handful of dogs and more than their fair share of heavy work hours, time just got away from them. Oddly comforting to know I’m not the only one feeling life speed by. A few weeks before making the drive from Nebraska to Florida, they chose pizza on paper plates at the Plantation Clubhouse by prioritizing their people over pomp.

Alecia and Adam

For years, St George Island has been the vacation spot for Alecia’s family. They have repeatedly been drawn to the laid-back lifestyle and nearly deserted beaches along the hidden coast. When it came time to plan their destination beach wedding, St George was naturally top of the list.

Falling for Adam was an unexpected surprise for Alecia and her two kiddos (who obviously love him dearly). Like the kids, Alecia is a ball of energy with lots of ideas and plans constantly brewing in the back of her head. Adam’s calm demeanor is like an anchor in a storm and his easy-going personality makes him fun to be around. It’s easy to see how these two balance each other with a well-rounded mix of spontaneity and structure. That balance became apparent after Alecia announced she was going to jump in the pool within the first hour of their reception. Without missing a beat, Adam emptied his pockets so they could take the leap together. After all, who needs dry clothes when you have beer and wedding cake?



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