Rose Mont Nashville Wedding

Tina & Chris

Historic Rose Mont Estate Wedding

Gallatin, Tennessee


Tina & Chris

Chris knew he wanted to marry Tina from the moment they met. He had found the smart, take-charge, sexy woman of his dreams and won her over with his kindness and compassion. She loves his smile and the thoughtful ways he cares for her but his home-cooked meals helped to show her Chris is the man she wants to grow old with. After years of building their life together in Nashville, Tina and Chris meticulously planned their intimate destination wedding in Apalachicola. They love Apalach and have spent many blissful days vacationing, menu tasting, venue hopping and basking in the warmth of the close-knit community.

Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael was really effective at screwing shit up. Although Apalachicola fared better than their neighboring communities, Tina and Chris knew their wedding would sap much-needed resources. So they relocated the festivities northward to the quiet town of Gallatin outside their home near Nashville. In one slightly frantic week, they managed to completely overhaul the entire event. Gallatin doesn’t have the sandy beaches and palm trees they dreamed of, but it is home to the historic Rose Mont estate, which provided a stunning backdrop for their wedding.

We are all grateful Rose Mont was able to accommodate us on such short notice. We’re grateful Apalachicola will recover. I’m grateful I could borrow my sister’s car for the last minute trip to Nashville. A bus ride all the way from Panama City would have sucked. But most of all, I’m thrilled to have been a part of Tina and Chris’s wedding. Over the past year, I’ve grown really attached to Tina and Chris and am lucky to call them friends.



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