Apalachicola Marina Engagement

Megan & Turner

Apalachicola Marina Engagement | Florida


Sometimes when you meet a couple for the first time, everything just clicks. It felt that way when meeting Megan and Turner the other day for their Apalachicola marina engagement session. They spent the weekend scoping out potential wedding venues and enjoying the local fares at the oyster festival. Shortly after meeting up, we fell into a deep and meaningful conversation about movie quotes and nearly forgot to go take pictures. Unprepared for both the oyster festival and the bone chilling cold air, we grabbed a blanket and set off in search of less populated scenic jems hidden around town. We didn’t have to wander far. Apalachicola is one of my favorite places to shoot. It’s so full of rustic charm and beauty, you can literally stand on the side of road and create magic. Which is exactly what we did. In all fairness though, Megan and Turner could make a dumpster look good. Besides that blanket for warmth, their playful romance was the only other ingredient we needed. Super stoked for their wedding in just a few short, warmer months!


Megan and Turner embracing on the dock backlit by the sun hair blowing in the windTurner looking back at Megan leading her along the sidewalk towards the shrimp boatsMegan and Turner walking closely down the sidewalk along the marina on Market Street in ApalachicolaMegan and Turner embracing on a dock slip in the marina at the end of Market St Apalachicola Turner and Megan hold hands leaving boat slip at the end of Market St in ApalachicolaTurner holding Megan from behind laughing and walking next to shrimp boats Megan and Turner and walking along marina near shimp boatsMegan and Turner laughing trying to unfurl a light blue blanket while in a field of tall dry grassTurner hold Magen wrapped in a light blue blanketWide view of Megan and Turner in a field of tall dry grass near the marina in downtown ApalachicolaClose up of Megan and Turner's engagement ring while embracing in the cold windMegan in a short sundress wrapped in a blanket leading Turner out of a field of tall grassMegan leading Turner through a field of tall grassTurner leading Megan through a field of tall grassesClose up of Turner holding Megan's hand leading her out of a field of tall grassesMegan and Turner wrapped in a blanket walking across the streetMegan and Turner embracing in the wind near bouy wall downtown ApalachicolaEngaged couple holding hands in front of bouy wall downtown Apalachicola Engaged couple walking in front of bouy wall in Apalachicola Couple kissing in front of abandoned house