Beach Wedding St George Island

Emily & Michael

Plantation Beach House Wedding on St George Island

St George Island, Florida


Emily and Nugget

Even though Emily and Michael live in the yummy paradise otherwise known as Italy, they tied the knot on the sandy beaches along the forgotten coast of St. George Island. They celebrated the whole week with a massive house full of family, fresh seafood and plenty of vitamin sea. I’ve been looking forward to meeting them for a few months now. And not just so I could learn Michael’s real name since Emily only refers to her new husband as Nugget. Besides adorable pet names, our email correspondence has been a hilarious diatribe of our daily shenanigans mixed with a small dose of wedding planning. So it was no surprise that we had even more fun in person. Emily draws people to her with a vivacious personality that bubbles over with wit. And Michael’s kind-hearted thoughtful soul makes him one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

Their super chill wedding day was supposed to be a super chill rainy day but we lucked out in the weather department. On a side note, the lack of hurricane made for a nice change. Instead of rain, we were gifted with a sky full of fluffy clouds. After the cheerful toasts and funky first dances, Emily, Nugget and I escaped down the boardwalk to the beach for a few quiet minutes to enjoy the sunset. And then they played in the surf. Obviously, this wasn’t one of those stuffy weddings. It was, however, everything a fun and relaxed wedding day should be.



Wedding Vendors

Venue Royal Seas Beach House
Hair & Makeup by Southern Belles
Catering by Social Events & Catering

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