Beltane Ranch Elopement

Angie & Tyler

Romantic Sunset Elopement at Beltane Ranch

Glen Ellen, California


Beltane Ranch for the Win

Just a few days prior to their romantic weekend getaway, Angie and Tyler decided to turn their trip into something much more; a romantic elopement at Beltane Ranch. In very short order, the team at Beltane sprinkled a little fairy dust on the courtyard and the most magical elopement ceremony appeared. Beltane thought of everything. Friendly officiant and witness, wildflower bouquets from their garden, insanely delicious cake and wines from the vineyard. I’m pretty sure they ordered the stellar sunset, too.

Angie & Tyler

The only thing Angie and Tyler had to do was show up with something to wear. Which they did with amazing aplomb because Angie made Tyler’s shirt. As in, made it from a bolt of fabric with a sewing machine! As someone who struggles with re-attaching buttons, I find this level of talent incredibly impressive. Angie and Tyler have been committed to each other for nearly a decade. They are a part of each other’s families, they support each other’s dreams and can now officially refer to each other as husband and wife. And since I got to witness their heartfelt exchange, I can say with certainty, Angie and Tyler were made for this.

Little yellow cottage, room 6, at Beltane Ranch.Close up photograph of the weddings bands in the box next to hand drawn illustration of Beltane RanchBride ironing grooms shirt just before their ceremony at Beltane RanchSide by sides of groom putting on brown leather shoes while bride steams white wedding dressBride leaving little yellow cottage at Beltane Ranch on her way to courtyard for elopement

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