Unique San Rafael Wedding

Preston & Sophia

101 Vows and a Ponytail Palm

San Rafael, California


I’m not sure what Preston and Sophia do for a living. Something to do with machines, automation, data, and other stuff beyond my grasp. But their wedding day began with a nerdy homage to engineering with a tour of the Bay Model, so that should give you a little insight into how these two tick. After the Bay Model, I met up with their adventurous crew for a killer-views tour around Marin headlands before we all headed to a massive airb&b nestled high in the San Rafael hills. By this time, rain forced us to move the ceremony into the garage but both Preston and Sophia embraced the oddity of the new location as a fitting addition to their free-spirited approach.

Screw the rules. Do what makes you happy.

In over 20 years of weddings, no one has taken this advice more to heart than Preston and Sophia. Their ceremony was entirely unique, consisting of 101 OKR’s and planting a ponytail palm. Had to google OKR’s…it means objectives and key results – it’s a collaborative goal-setting tool to set challenging, ambitious goals with measurable results. It was completely fitting for their partnership. Preston and Sophia stated their OKR vows by affectionately promising such things as “to help you return your Amazon packages” then invited everyone to contribute soil they brought from home, mixing it together and planting a ponytail palm in a ceremonial show of family togetherness.

This wedding was one of the coolest I’ve ever witnessed. It was truly a tailormade day that embraced all the things and people Sophia and Preston cherish most. From the 3-d printed Christmas ornament favors to heated rounds of the fishbowl game, it was a wedding unlike any other.



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