Marin County Redwoods Engagement

Erin & Joaquin

Romantic Redwoods Engagement Session

Larkspur, California


Within a few days of our first conversation, Erin and Joaquin took an impromptu trip from their home near Monterey up to Marin County for a romantic engagement session in the redwoods. While driving through the city, the weather suddenly dropped 20 degrees and the sun all but disappeared in a thick fog. They instantly regretted their lightweight clothing choices. However, as they headed over the Golden Gate bridge, the weather gods turned up the heat, parted clouds and painted golden rays through our patch of redwoods in Larkspur. That gorgeous floral blue sundress was perfect after all.

Erin and Joaquin claimed to be awkward and not particularly good at taking photographs. But as you can see, I call bullshit. None of us fell off any trees despite some precarious climbing. And it was immediately apparent these two have some hot chemistry. Years of enduring a long distance relationship didn’t dimish that effect. Happily, they are both finally in the same county and planning their summer wedding at one of my favorite venues, Los Laureles Lodge. Our successful afternoon exploring redwoods and avoiding spiders made me even more excited to see them again. Many thanks to Joaquin and Erin for getting their flirt on and a big shout out to the sun god Ra for all that delicious gold light.


Engaged couple embracing closely on a trail in a beam of sunlight shining through the redwoods in Larkspur

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