Selby Gardens Sarasota Wedding

Amanda & Kevin

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Sarasota Florida


Wedding Planning Kimberlyann Events | Getting Ready at Aloft Sarasota

Makeup by Heather Linero | Hair by Brittni Radigan

Transportation by Siesta Trolley | Catering by Michael’s on East

Wedding Venue Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Music by DJ Al Garcia | Fluffy Dog Handling by Fairytail Pet Care


During our first video chat date, a super fluffy face popped up in the screen. My initial thought was HE’S SO FLUFFY and my second thought was please let him be in the wedding party! Much to my delight, he was! Amanda and Kevin’s dog, Teddy made the short journey with them from Tampa to Sarasota for their wedding at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens on a surprisingly clear April afternoon.

Frankly I’m more surprised that both Kevin and Amanda took off enough time from their busy doctoring schedules to even get married. Over the past year, whenever we spoke, they were on the road or on rotations. However, the morning of the wedding was blissfully relaxed. By the time the trolley dropped us off at the botanical gardens, we had energy ready to burn.

Amanda and Kevin are a great match in so many ways. They’re both impressively goal oriented, highly successful and super chill. An unusual combination that makes their hard work look much less stressful than it can possibly be. Kevin is great at thinking outside the box and Amanda has the most wicked dry humor with perfect dead pan delivery. She also comes from a family with a bizarre dance tradition involving lots of writhing on the floor and various stages of jubilation. I’ve no doubt Kevin will eventually learn this dance and probably add to it some day. But for now, Teddy and his parents are happy to just be an official family of three.



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