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Thomas & Chris

Romantic Engagement Session in Historic Apalachicola

Apalachicola Florida


Apalachicola, FL

A few months ago, I met Thomas and Chris down the coast in Apalachicola for their engagement session. They were in town from Atlanta to work on wedding details and meet vendors. It was the perfect opportunity to scope out the area and indulge in my favorite past time…taking pictures. They had originally planned for a beach wedding. However, after googling Apalachicola weddings, they saw the blog post featuring Sarah & Charles fabulous chic-ola wedding reception at the Robert Lindsley Studio Gallery and they actually changed their wedding venue!


Thomas & Chris

In just a few very short weeks, Chris & Thomas will finally say I do in an intimate ceremony on the pier in Apalachicola overlooking the river. In attendance will be a just a handful of close family. The kind of family related by blood and the kind related by love. Chris and Thomas have been together just shy of a decade, so for them, a piece of paper doesn’t change their commitment to one another. It’s true they had to wait a long time just for the right to even get married, but for them, I think this wedding is all about family.

The thoughtfulness they have invested in every detail shows just how much they care for every single one of those family members. And frankly, it’s not just family. They have gone out of their way to be the most gracious and kind clients. On their wedding website, every vendor has a photo of themselves and a bio. In case you are wondering, mine is totally weird and I joke about referring to myself in the third person. Last month, I nearly fell off my chair reading the wedding day timeline. In bold letters, they wrote “4:30 – 5:15 Amy gets a break.” Is this real life? Then during one of our Skype dates, they noticed my dying orchid, Larry, with his last two blooms barely hanging on. Larry and I had been together for almost two weeks and he was one day away from being another casualty of my inept ability to keep a plant alive. Per their suggestion, Larry was moved to the window and I’m shocked to say it, but, he’s still alive. They saved Larry’s life!


Apalachicola Engagement PhotographerBlack and white portrait of couple embracing between shrimp boats in the marina located in downtown Apalachicola FloridaApalachicola Engagement PhotographerApalachicola Engagement Photographer

Apalachicola Engagement Photographer


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