Apalachicola Florida Oyster Wedding

Anna & Josh

Apalachicola, Florida


Wedding Coordinator: Amy Price Bayside Weddings & Events

Ceremony: Riverfront Park | Reception Venue: Robert Lindsley Studio Gallery

Catering: Tamara’s Cafe | Florals: Bayside Weddings & Events

Second Photographer: Kacie Queensberry | Band: Blues Factor Band


They call him Bear. It’s a fitting name for a burly bearded man from Colorado. Not because he’s fierce, but because he’s a giant softy when it comes to Anna. Ok, that’s not why, but he is a bear-like man who is completely head over heals in love. Anna is an incredibly intelligent and funny woman who’s gentle nature attracts people to her like flowers to bees. In that respect, they are exactly alike. They also both have irresistibly infectious joy that escapes from the constant smiles on their faces. It’s little wonder they fell in love with each other. Anna and Bear have had a long distance relationship for years and much of their together time has been spent visiting Apalachicola. So when it came time to plan a coastal living themed wedding, this is exactly where they wanted to be.

The theme could easily have been coastal shenanigans, because the wedding was one fun surprise after the next. From the bridesmaids morning serenades, to handwoven Panama hats for the groomsmen, this group kept things lively and stylish. When Anna and Josh’s ceremony ended with a second line detour to their favorite bar, it really kicked the wedding into high gear. But my favorite moment by far was when these rebel rule breaking Doctors danced their way into their reception and shared their first oyster together as husband and wife. YES! Be still my beating heart! Tradition be damned, these two did everything right by doing what made them happy and (even without a big cake) it was one of the best weddings of the year. Of course it didn’t hurt that they also invited a hilarious group of friends with a serious attachment to inflatable toy instruments.


Downtown Apalachicola Wedding Photography

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