Blackhawk Country Club Wedding

Sara & Jeff

The Unexpected Blackhawk Country Club Wedding

Danville, California


Blackhawk Country Club

Pop quiz hotshot, Sonoma is on fire and your wedding is less than a week away. What do you do? Well, if you’re as chill as Sara and Jeff, you have a Blackhawk Country Club wedding instead. Just days before nearly two hundred guests were arriving for Sara and Jeff’s Cornerstone wedding at the Barn at Tyge William Cellars, the area was evacuated. So alongside Lauren Miller Events, they drastically altered plans that had been in the works for a year. Can you imagine the shock of having to face the daunting task of a last-minute relocation? It must have felt surreal.


Sara & Jeff

Yet despite the heartache and hustle, there wasn’t a single moment over the past weekend that wasn’t filled with happiness. The wedding was moved to Danville and it was so beautifully put together by Lauren and the staff at the club, the entire event flowed as if that was the plan all along. I’m not sure if Sesame Street’s Ernie was part of the plan, but by the time Jeff’s fraternity brothers found the cigar and whiskey bar, an Ernie mask was out and ready to celebrate. Ernie wasn’t the only one in high spirits though. Sara and Jeff are an incredibly kindhearted pair that makes each other stronger and better together. Throughout the weekend, their friends told me how happy they were to see them fall in love. This just made me even more excited to be part of their wedding. It certainly didn’t happen the way they originally planned, but it was absolutely wonderful. If they could turn back time, I hope they wouldn’t change a thing.



Planning by Lauren Miller Events
Venue Blackhawk Country Club
Florals by Poppy Stone Design
Hair by Stella Does Hair
Makeup by Anna Sterrett
DJ California Mobile DJ
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