Detroit Wedding at Cherry Creek Golf Club


Alexandra & Leroy

Stunning Detroit Wedding at Cherry Creek Golf Club

Shelby Township Michigan


Alex & Leroy

I met fellow cake addict, Alexandra, through Instagram almost exactly two years ago. She and I both spend too much time checking out confections, but at least eating them is less time-consuming. When she and Leroy started planning their Detroit wedding, she emailed me to see if I would be interested in traveling to the mitten state to provide their Detroit wedding photography. She then sweetened the deal by divulging their wedding cake was going to be a massive 1980’s spread complete with fountain and stairs. At that point, I realized we might have been sisters separated at birth.

Alex and I have lots in common and we discovered we could talk for hours about everything or nothing at all. Maybe that’s because she’s a reporter at Channel 7 or maybe it’s because we really were separated at birth, but getting to know Alex was one of the best things about this wedding. In turn, I got to know Leroy, too and there is no question that these two are clearly meant to be.

Leroy is the kind of man every woman wishes she would meet. He’s funny, smart, kind, supportive, thoughtful and looks at Alex the way we look at cake. He’s busy educating the youth of America, but I really wish he would teach Man Classes. If every woman could feel half as cherished, this would be a totally different planet. Before the ceremony, Alex received a box of love letters from Leroy. Each letter was written with the purpose of being read at a specific time, in anticipation of small moments and milestones in their future life together. Seriously, Leroy, two words: Man Classes.


Cherry Creek Golf Club

I was grateful to have the photography talents of my old friend Lydia and our new friend David on board for this shindig because Michigan is full of wonderfully fun people that adore Alex & Leroy. So naturally, one-third of the state was in attendance. Thank goodness it was at Cherry Creek because I’m not sure anyone else could have accommodated them. Besides whole lotta well-wishers, this wedding had something I hadn’t experienced yet: Bellydancers! I now firmly believe every wedding should have them. Along with hundreds of fun friends, late night Carnival food stations and cake sitting on top of a fountain, surrounded by little plastic wedding attendants. The belly dancing was a cultural nod to Alexandra’s Lebanese roots but once it began, an ‘anything you can shake, I can shake better’ mentality overcame nearly everyone, regardless of familial background. It was quite the sight. Until Alexandra reached out to me in that first email, I had never given Detroit much thought, but since then, it’s become one of my favorite destinations.

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Dress Roma Sposa
Hair & Makeup Artist Aferdita Qafa
Ceremony Shrine of the Little Flower
Florist Roses of Warren
Transportation Millennium Limousines
Videography Blue Racer Productions
 Reception & Catering Cherry Creek Golf Club
 DJ Aaron Liversedge at Rusch Entertainment
1980’s Cake Aunt Kim
Photobooth The Traveling Photobooth
Second Photographers Lydia Woosley & David Yarnell

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